Welcome to the official site of the Philippine-Swiss Business Council (PSBC).


Under the auspices of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI), the PSBC is a channel for initiating and facilitating business-related and networking activities that furthers the growth of trade and investment between the Philippines and Switzerland

The PSBC was established in 2003 as a result of a cooperation agreement between the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI) and the Swiss Southeast Asian Chamber of Commerce (SACC). It is through us that all PCCI programs geared towards strengthening Philippines-Switzerland relations are set in motion.

We currently have 54 members of Swiss equity companies operating in the Philippines as well as Philippine companies who have business relations or would want to pursue business with Switzerland.  The PSBC board is composed of seven members: three representing the SME’s and four are MNE representatives. We have two advisers from the Swiss Embassy in the Philippines.

Purpose: To initiate and facilitate the conduct of business-related and networking activities to further the growth of trade and investments of the Philippines and Switzerland.  It is through the council by which all programs of the PCCI geared towards strengthening Philippine-Swiss relations is being undertaken.


  1. Provide a platform on which businesses operating in the PH can tap the markets of CH.
  2. Encourage and promote trade, economic, technical cooperation, and tourism between the PH and CH.
  3. Establish a channel of communication with its counterparts in CH and with other agencies and organizations concerned
  4. Foster friendship and understanding between the two countries and their respective business communities and enhancing the growth of business, trade and tourism.
  5. Identify trade and investment opportunities and develop other areas of cooperation between small, medium and large enterprises of the two countries.

Our mission is to create projects and programs designed for the welfare of our members and become an active partner of the PCCI.

Our vision is to be recognized as the most trustworthy, reliable, and socially responsible partner in trade and investment relations between the Philippines and Switzerland.

PSBC Programs & Benefits

PSBC member companies are a mix of established MNE’s and SME’s representing the different industry sectors in Philippine business.  It is our Goal to launch programs that will encourage our notable MNE’s to assist SME’s and Exporter members gain a foothold in the Swiss market and likewise be recipients of possible partnerships with counterpart Swiss SME’s wanting to do business in the Philippines. Tho programs are:

Quick incentiveProvide relevant business/Industry information, “help-desk” function and business matching opportunities through forums and networking activities

Export to Switzerland: Educate exporters what needs to be done to successfully market their products in Switzerland. Our contacts can help open markets.

Be a Swiss SME business partner in the Philippines: Business delegation, business networking activities and other programs aimed at providing opportunities for our members to become partners of Swiss companies wanting to do business in the Philippines.

Corporate Social Responsibility: Opportunity to participate with AID LINE PHILIPPINE SWISS our CSR affiliate.


PSBC Partnerships

The Swiss Embassy in the Philippines is an active ex-officio member of the PSBC and participates in all meetings of the Board. Through this partnership, the PSBC is linked with the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO as well as the Switzerland Global Enterprise SGE.

As a business association, the PSBC has professional ties and has formed strategic partnerships with the other business organizations and government agencies such as the Swiss-Asian Chamber of Commerce, the Swiss Chamber in Hong Kong, The Swiss Club, the Embassy of the Philippines in Berne, Switzerland, Philippine WTO Desk in Geneva, the Board of Investments, the Department of Trade & Industry, the Department of Tourism and the Department of Agriculture.  It is our aim to increase partnerships with government and other councils and foreign chambers in the Philippines the ASEAN and in Switzerland.

Membership criteria to join

PSBC welcomes all Philippine companies who are currently engaged in business/trade with Switzerland or are presently not in business/trade but would like to pursue opportunities with Switzerland in the future.

Swiss and foreign-registered companies interested to pursue Philippine-Swiss business/trade.

How to join

Please contact PSBC at [email protected] or the PCCI at [email protected].com  If you satisfy the membership criteria, you can directly download the application form at

Become a PSBC Member