Breakfast Discussion with Ms. Tina Amper

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The Embassy of Switzerland in the Philippines in cooperation with the Philippine-Swiss Business Council held its third breakfast discussion series on “Helping Philippine tech startups become globally competitive”. Ambassador Andrea Reichlin hosted the event last 17 June 2016 at her official residence and was represented by Mr. Raoul Imbach, Charges D’ Affaires of the Swiss Embassy in the Philippines. The invited speaker is the no less that Ms. Tina Amper, Founder of TechTalk.Ph, a non-profit startup ecosystem builder and innovation consultants. Tina is the organizer of GeeksOnABeach (GOAB), and was former organizer of Startup Weekend Cebu and World Startup Report.

Ms. Amper vibrantly discussed with PSBC member company executives and representatives the conduct of the startup tech industry in the Philippines. To site, in 2015, funding was at USD100M for 100 startups pivoting ideas to create a winning app. In 2020, funding is projected at USD200M for 500 startups to pitch ideas to help solve the world’s problems. Tina bounced off on opportunities for Filipinos to earn foreign exchange and compete globally as an outsourcing destination for more apps. Quoting directly from Tina’s presentation “Tech is a great equalizer. It does not care if you’re rich or poor, young or old. If the app is good, people will use it.” PSBC members in the medical, health, electronic and software industry took turns to share their respective programs and how it could work better if good apps were part of the system. From the discussions, it was nice to know that specialized apps are already being used by the medical and education industry to improve on the delivery of services to people in the remote hard to reach areas. Challenges in sourcing qualified personnel to man an innovation group in an organization were also discussed.

Tina presently is a consultant of Slingshot PH, a DTI initiative to develop the Philippine startup and innovation industry for the global market. Among the completed projects are: Salamander Amphibious car, Nyfti foldable bicycle, Bahay Tibay pre-fab storm proof home, Wafflebox Modular Concrete disaster proof home, Markell Garbage granulator, Pyroclave-Mantis to treat medical waste and Anthrologic Knee Replacement system.

Please join Tina on the upcoming GeeksOnABeach (GOAB) gathering this August 25-26, 2016 in Panglao Island, Bohol. On its 4th year, GOAB is an international conference for people who are passionate about startups, tech, design, and making the world a better place. For more details, please email Tina at or visit the website at