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Welcome to the official site of the Philippine-Swiss Business Council (PSBC).


Our site will provide for the general public, information about our PSBC member companies, news and events.  For registered members, this site will provide comparative Philippine and Swiss: Country Highlights, special industry overview and help desk information.


Initially, information on our CSR affiliate ALPS was featured in this website, but we are happy to announce that ALPS has its own dedicated website which can be already viewed at www.alps.com.ph


We will launch this year the new PSBC website which will make business networking and communication with members easier.  We will separately announce this in future newsletters.  To learn more about PSBC Mission and Vision, programs and benefits, PSBC partnerships and membership criteria and how to join, please go to PSBC About Us page http://www.philippineswissbusiness.com/contents/information_page/9. To view PSBC member companies http://www.philippineswissbusiness.com/contents/information_page/81

Latest News
Networking New Year`s Toast with the Swiss Embassy in Manila

The Embassy of Switzerland in the Philippines hosted a New Year`s toast for the Philippine Swiss Business Council last 5 January, Tuesday at the residence of H.E Ambassador Andrea Reichlin.

Breakfast Discussion: How big data on Environment, Social and Governance incidents can be used to mitigate business risks.

The Embassy of Switzerland in the Philippines in cooperation with the Philippine Swiss Business Council held its second breakfast discussion on “How big data on environment, social and governance incidents can be used to mitigate business risks”. Her Excellency, Ambassador Andrea Reichlin of the Swiss Embassy in the Philippines graciously hosted the event last November 25, 2015 at her official residence. The invited expert is no other than Dr. Philipp Aeby, CEO of the Zürich based firm REPRISK AG.  Representatives of the Swiss Embassy, PSBC and REPRISK attended the discussion event.



Dear Members of the PSBC:

Thank you dear Chairperson, Mr. Luis Mendez, and Board of Directors for giving me the opportunity to write a few lines to introduce myself to all PSBC members and friends. I arrived about two months ago in the Philippines and I made it a priority to pay courtesy visits at the outset to Swiss and Swiss-related companies. What I saw and heard so far from the business community was truly exciting and encouraging.

2016 PSBC General Membership Meeting

How big data on Environmental, Social and Governance incidents can be used to help mitigate business risks

Breakfast Discussion with Dr. Philipp Aeby CEO of the Zurich-based Swiss firm REPRISK AG who will talk on the topic 

How big data on environmental, Social and Governance incidents can be used to help mitigate business risks

Challenges in Counterfeit, Trademarks Patents

The Embassy of Switzerland in the Philippines in cooperation with the Philippines-Swiss Business Council (PSBC) Breakfast Discussion with Swiss IP attorney Jean-Pierre Maeder and Filipino IP Attorney Ferdinand Negre